The Changing Face of Google StreetView | Trusted

Google virtual tours, Google Business View, there have been several iterations of this service over the years. So with the potential for confusion over the various services and associated names we thought we would give a little background to the service we are certified to offer and its history.

Before changing their branding again, Google conducted some market research (mainly for restaurants and hotels) to find out just how effective trusted virtual tours are with consumers. They found that among people searching for hotels and restaurants, who see a listing that has a virtual tour, are twice as likely to make a reservation. Digging into that statistic further, they found that those aged 18 to 34 are 130% more likely to make a reservation after viewing a virtual tour. This is a large number and it would be silly to miss out on this opportunity. Google conducted a survey among users to ask whether they would like to see more virtual tours on business listings. They found that 67% of people would like to see more virtual tours… so give it to them.

Now that you understand just how cool and effective this tool is, let’s have a look at the history of Google Street View | Trusted as it is now called.

The History of Google Street View

Google Business Photos, as it was originally called, has rebranded twice since its launch but still has the same mission; to provide consumers with 360° interactive panoramic images inside businesses such as hotels, restaurants and shops. If a business has a virtual tour which should be done by a trusted provider, a link to their virtual tour will appear on the search results page.

Google Business Photos

Google Business Photos was the original branding which was launched in April 2010 and at first, was only available in 30 cities across the US, Australia and Japan before expanding after realising the success of it. By January 2013 over 100,000 businesses had a virtual tour done of their business premises.

Google Business View

In March 2014, Google rebranded from Business Photos to Business View so as to create a simple and to-the-point name to explain that consumers can view inside businesses online. This seemed like a catchier name and more relevant to the previous Business Photos.

Google Street View | Trusted

In August 2015, Google rebranded again to “Google Street View | Trusted” after realising that they had another program called “Google Views” running alongside “Google Business View” which was confusing businesses. The main difference was that “Google Business View” was run by professional and trusted photographers who would create your virtual tour whereas “Google Views” was run by amateur photographers.

Some of the Best Virtual Tours

A virtual tour doesn’t have to be just for restaurants and hotels; it can be used by many other businesses such as shops, galleries and even planes! Some examples of great virtual tours are of the Nasir Al Mulk Mosque, the White House and the Emirates Airline A380. It has been over 5 years since Google first launched Google Business Photos and it has grown a lot since then, with more and more restaurants, hotels and other businesses realising the benefits of this effective tool. Whether you’re catching up with competitors or staying one step ahead of competitors, we recommend you have a trusted Google photographer create you a virtual tour. Let’s have a look at some of the best virtual tours:


With so much talk of the mysteries of Dark Matter you can take a look inside CERN yourself with this virtual tour.


The White House

Who wouldn’t want to walk along the corridors of the White House? It is one of the most famous and iconic buildings in the world, visited by all of great leaders throughout history. The good news is that thanks to Google Street View you don’t have to be elected president to see inside its doors.

Virtualise Your Way to Success

So there you have it, some great examples of Google Street View and a bit about the thinking behind this second rebrand. What has been the best virtual tour you have seen? Please share them in the comments below.

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